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Rotary Impact Drills Tungsten Carbide Tip Hammer Type Masonry Drill Bits

Rotary Impact Drills Tungsten Carbide Tip Hammer Type Masonry Drill Bits

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Rotary Impact Drills Tungsten Carbide tip hammer type masonry drill bits


Employ high quality alloy steel for drilling body and Tungsten Carbide for drilling tip, and in combination with various types of electric hammer.
The drills is one of the most efficient tool suitably and widely used for hole drilling in hard materials like concrete and brick in construction and installation industries.
The flute of the drill bit body carries away the drilling cuttings, Tungsten Carbide Tip with hardened steel body.
The drills are available in sandblast, bright finish, black oxide, brown color, etc.


  • Uniformly brazed carbide inserts result in longer bit life

  • Contain a centering tip that facilitates easy spot drilling

  • Chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel alloy body ensures hammering quality and extended service life

  • Heat-treatment procedures and shot-peened finish increase surface hardness, drilling speed, reduces drill bit wear and improves resistance to bending forces


Performance of the package of Drill Bit shown as following:

PVC bag/Plastic tube/Small hanger/Big hanger/Middle hanger/Skin card /Blister card…