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TCT Saw Blade With Static Geometrical Dimensions And Accuracy
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Saw the actual wood TCT Saw Blade usually uses the'll tooth to form the left and right tooth shape, because this combination front angle is big, can sharp the wood fibrous tissue cut off, the incision is smooth and clean. To keep the groove bottom of the groove, it is necessary to use a flat tooth shape or with the left and right flat combination teeth.

The hardness of the words will be easy to deform, in the use of the process will not hold. The hardness of large under stress and thermal deformation is more easily broken is also the fact that, generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the material, the lower the flexural strength and impact toughness. But the TCT Saw Blade is used in carpentry more, also did not have to make the steel break that strength.

In the process of using, the saw blade adjusts the rotation, it should not only transfer the cutting force but also maintain the stability of the work. The fine saw blade not only has the static geometry size and the accuracy, but also is its dynamic characteristic. When the saw blade continuous cutting, the alloy sawtooth cutting produced by the heat conduction to the matrix, so that the temperature of the substrate, the quality of the matrix in this case can also maintain the accuracy of the statement, and the quality of the saw blade will occur matrix warping, affecting the sawing accuracy.

The contour processing accuracy is necessary, but the uniformity of the sawn body material and the heat treatment process during the sawing process may result in the instability of the saw body in the heat and high speed operation.

The material of the saw body is uneven, the coefficient of thermal expansion is uneven, and the deformation of the body is distorted by uneven heating.

Thermal treatment is not good, will cause the internal stress of the saw is different, these internal stress is released when heated, also can cause the saw body deformation uneven.

This should be the impact on the high-speed operation of the saw body greater.

In any case, elevated temperature is an important condition for these causes and may be much better when used with coolant.

At present, the market on domestic and imported saw blade brand a wide range of characteristics. Objectively speaking, no matter from the appearance of packaging, static quality and durability is less than some of the well-known imports of TCT Saw Blade (such as Germany, Italy, Japan, etc.), of course this is related to their industrial start earlier compared with developed.

Now from the market point of view, import TCT Saw Blade still accounted for a large share, but the domestic TCT Saw Blade have gradually been accepted. According to our analysis, there are three reasons. First, with the wood industry competition intensified, showing price competition and the era of meager profit to force enterprises from reducing production costs to find a way out. Imports of TCT Saw Blade and domestic TCT Saw Blade of cost-effective, as well as the advantages of domestic saw-blade after-sales service and 0 of the use of risk, lured them eventually tend to domestic. Second, more importantly, more and more enterprises from the practice found that the quality of processing depends not only on the quality of the saw blade. The precision of the equipment, the operation skills of the workers, and the diversity of the processing objects (such as soft and hard materials, wet and dry) are the important factors of restricting the quality of processing. Blind pursuit of a part of the quality obviously into the wrong. The key is cognition and matching. Third, sawing wood, machined surface of the defect-free and saw blade durability, the most important thing is dependent on the effect of the appropriate processing of the saw blade. However, the degree of fitness is not visible to the technical indicators are in different working conditions to play a role, must be with the machine speed and line speed matching. Also, after several uses of fever, the fitness disappears (recovers). There is also a need to revise the fitness level.