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Power Tool Accessory Reduce Failure Rate And Prolong Service Life
- Nov 03, 2017 -

You know? Electric tools like people, there are running-in period.

I do not know if you have this experience, after buying back the Power Tool Accessory, sometimes will find that the use is bad, and change the same model tool, can be used for a long time. The difference is that many people do not know, the key lies in the tool after the factory has a running-in period.

Non-overload use of electric tools during running-in period

Electric tools After the factory, in general before the use of the running-in period of about 60 hours. Running-in period is the main link to ensure the normal operation of the construction machinery, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life. However, there are still some users lack of knowledge of the use of Power Tool Accessory, there are some users because of the duration of tension and negligence of the new mechanical running-in period special operation skills. Even some users think, anyway, manufacturers have warranty period, the machine is damaged by the manufacturers responsible for maintenance, so that the equipment in the Running-in period overload use.

These phenomena are easily caused by the early failure of machines, not only affect the normal use of equipment, shorten the service life of equipment, but also affect the progress of the project. Therefore, users should pay attention to the use and maintenance of electric tools during running-in period.

By the way to share: running-in period electric tools prone to malfunction reasons

1. Wear fast

Because of the influence of the new electric tool parts processing, assembling and debugging, the new equipment presents a rough surface of friction, a small contact area of the mating surface and an unequal pressure state. Equipment in the operation, parts of the surface of the concave and convex parts of each other to embed friction, grinding down the metal debris as abrasive continued to participate in friction, accelerating the part of the surface wear. Therefore, the equipment during the running-in period can easily cause wear and tear parts. At this point, if the equipment is overloaded, it may lead to the damage of parts, early failure occurs.

2. Poor lubrication

It is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the coordination gap due to the small gap between the parts of the new Power Tool Accessory and the assembly. The lubricant is not easy to form the uniform oil film on the friction surface, which causes the abnormal wear of the early mechanical parts. When serious, the friction surface of the precision coordination can be scratched, which causes the fault to occur.