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Hammer Drill Machine Performance Is Good
- Oct 25, 2017 -

(Including electric grinder, shock piston, Hammer Drill, mechanical overload protection device and the variable speed gear), the motor, the motor, the motor, the motor, the motor, Shell, control switch and working condition control valve (block). The motor provides the rotating energy, part of the energy through the gears, cranks, connecting rod drive the piston to do the compound movement, with the impact of the piston with the cycle of changes in the high-pressure air cushion, and lead the impact of the piston to do the complex impact Hammer Drill, The movement of the drill bit impact; another part of the rotation energy through the overload protection device, change the ring and so on to drive chuck and drill rotation. The working form of the machine is controlled by the stopper, and the movement of the transmission gear and the action of the piston are adjusted by the urging of the stopper to complete the single rotation, single impact and rotation plus impact.

(2) Operation and use: According to the work of the selection of suitable drilling rigs and drill bits, and to ensure that the drill is complete, good machine performance, power and equipment specifications. To ensure that the quality of lubrication cooling sleeve standards. Make sure that the drill bit, chuck without impurities, dust, drill in the bit handle a small amount of grease inserted into the front hole. Specific models Depending on the instructions used in the machine, turn the holder so that the drill bit is fastened to the rig. Set the gear to the selected gear. Place the top of the drill bit into the hole or digging position, light pressure, grip, stand firm, turn on the control switch. Hammer Drill drill only a little pressure, the chip can be free to discharge, without force to push. Especially in the chisel and crushing operations, the use of machine weight jobs, without stress.

(3) specifications and selection: Hammer Drill drill a lot of models, including imported equipment performance is better, but the price is higher, the choice should be based on the size of the workload and self-evident ability. Under normal circumstances, the technical performance of the Hammer Drill is based on the input power of 100 changes, that is, the greater the power, drilling, chisel ability is stronger, 100 weight is also a corresponding increase in the selection to be considered. Moreover, it is best to make the processing capacity of the machine slightly larger than the requirements of the work, the general situation should make the machine in the processing limit of 80% to 90% of the state, so as not to long-term full load operation, reduce service life.

(4) Drill and chisel selection: Hammer Drill drill can be equipped with the drill, a lot of types of chisel, often use a tungsten carbide cement drill, tungsten carbide cross drill, sharp chisel, dry chisel, hook chisel and so on. Tungsten carbide cement drill bit is mainly used for drilling of various strength grade concrete, the most common specifications for the drilling diameter of 5 to 38 tungsten carbide tungsten drill is mainly used for a variety of brick and slightly lower strength grade concrete drilling Processing a larger aperture, the machine's power is also larger, usually specifications for the drilling diameter of 30 to 80. The scissors are usually used for crushing, dry chisel for hair work, groove chisel for slotting operations. Hollow bit with less, can be used to drill large holes, the specifications are 40 ~ 125mm.