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Circular Saw Blade Maintain A Certain Degree Of Rigidity
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Circular saw blade jump tooth or loss too fast in many uses the metal circular saw machine's enterprise frequently occurs, this is one kind of common question, also lets the enterprise compare the headache, after all saw blade's consumption is also the enterprise a small expense; what is the way to minimize this loss?

First, we analyze the cause of the damage of the saw blade of the metal circular Saw machine:

1. The installation of Saw blades must also be properly installed, more than a few times to check, improper installation will not only make the circular saw blade fracture will also affect the service life of the circular saw machine;

2. Ampere meter is not set correctly

When the ammeter is incorrectly set, the saw blade is damaged and the machine is damaged.

A. Circular saw machine cleaning work is not in place

In particular, the iron filings inside, and then small scrap iron without timely cleaning will increase the damage rate and consumption of the saw blade too fast;

B. Saw blades must be lightly handled

In order to avoid accidentally falling on the ground to produce bump, so that the surface of the circular saw blade is not smooth, friction strength increased.

C. Cutting speed too fast

Cutting speed and cutting material, for different materials cutting speed should be adjusted in time, many enterprises in order to cut the speed, blindly adjust the cutting speed, resulting in metal circular saw blade damage, which is the root cause of damage to the blade;

D. The material being cut is more dirty

The occurrence of this situation is relatively rare, some enterprises cut the material is dirty, enterprises do not pay attention to, often the material directly to the machine for cutting, never first clean the material to be cut, this is a false sense, because the material has a lot of dust, iron filings, and even dirt, etc., these will give metal saw blade cutting when the friction is great , friction of the large circular saw blades of course loss too fast;

E. Circular saw machine working for a long time

Usually because enterprises in order to speed up production, one day work may be more than 12 hours, or even 24 hours a day machine work, in this case will make the circular saw blade when cutting load heavier, circular saw blade can not be buffered, wear too fast also will not be exempt;

The dynamic working stability of circular saw blade is the nature of its inherent shape and rigidity when sawing and cutting. The working stability of circular saw blade is worse than that of band saw and frame saw, this is mainly because the saw blade diameter and thickness ratio is very big, and only in the clamping disk clamp holds on the spindle high speed rotation, cannot tensioning. The sawtooth part only by the saw body metal material adhesion, only then maintains the certain rigidity. When the saw blade rotates at high speed, the part of the saw body begins to loosen under the action of centrifugal force, in addition, sawing wood, saw the tooth edge part of the temperature of the sharp rise, volume expansion, and the blade is not limited by the material constraints can not be arbitrarily retractable, the deformation of the external large internal small, saw blade to both sides swimming, the "hunting" state, The wavy surface of sawn timber is uneven.