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Multifunctional 12V Cordless Oscillating Saw CE GS Approved Low Noise Oscillating Multi-master Tool with Battery

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Product Details


Product description

Rated Voltage: 12V
Battery: Lithium-ion
Oscilations: 16000OPM
Oscilations Angle: 3°

Certificate: GS EMC CE
Packing: BMC
Feature: cordless
Accessories: 1 scraper 1 saw blade 1 sanding backer

Machines Function:

1. Applicable for sanding of edges of various metals and wood materials and surfaces of various tools.

2. The flexible scraper blades works best against glass, tile surfaces, of any flat smooth surface that can easily be scratched. Useful for removing silicone caulking, paint, adhesive, stickers, and sealants.

3. Applicable for hole drilling on and cutting of various wood plates and chipboards