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T-SHANK Bi-metal 3 10TPI Milled Teeth Curve Cuts Jig Saw Blade Accurate for Cutting Wood with Metal

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Product Details

T211HF Jig saw blade

Length: 75mm
Working length: 50mm 

Width: 5mm
Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: Bi-metal
Teeth per inch: 10TPI

Application: Curve cutsWood with nails, plastic 1/8''-1-1/4, non-ferrous metal and aluminum 1/8''-1/2''

1. High-quality raw material

2. Excellent durability and sharpness

3. For all types of metal material

4. High security

5. Good quality and cost-efficient

6. High performance about appreance

Packing: Bulk packing or blister packing,customize